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God knows I tried to stay out of the drama, but the drama keeps coming.
Here http://carmenmcs.blogspot.com/2011/03/its-not-because-of-japan-its-because-we.html?spref=fb I share my thoughts about the whole drama in art sites regarding the tragedy at Japan and other places like Chile, Haiti, New Zealand, Libya...

Happy birthday to me in this beautiful week...

International Women's Day


ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT WE FIGHT FOR EQUAL RIGHTS, not to pay back for thousands of years of men's dominance. Let's not be like they were (and like lots of them still are) if we are, precisely, fighting to show that we are intelligent and hardworker as to be on our owns and help society as much as any man can.

You can read this interesting article related to all of this http://www.womanthouartgod.com/naturaldominance.php not saying I agree with everything, but it's short and it makes you think.

Those women who luckily live in libetared modern countries, have a happy Women's Day! Those who still live under oppression, keep fighting, keep believing!!!

So, this is a report for last years Hetalia Day 2010!

As you may or may not know, the Hetalia Day is hold the same day as the United Nations Day, on October 24th. It's a day in which Hetalia fans make parties, events, meetings and the likes to claim world peace and common understanding, to show than at least some youngsters CARE about history and our future, and to have fun with the games and roleplays inspired in Hetalia.

And for those who don't know what Hetalia is, it used to be a great webcomic about countries, international relationships, and similar stuff with lots of cultural, historical or just random humor. I'll talk in deep about Hetalia in other posts.

So, back to Hetalia Day, I was in the event hold in Madrid since it was the one nearest me at that time. You can see my report, photos and oh so funny videos here! http://carmenmcs.blogspot.com/2011/03/disastrous-happy-ending-hetalia-day.html

Will Chinese Supplant English?

So our native English teacher sent us a note to discuss it, and since I love to talk about this stuff, he inspired me to write this entry. I would love to hear Chinese people opinions about this!

You know there has been lots of discussion about Chinese possibly overwhelming English as the "lingua franca", right? Why? In simple and short, right now China is one of the most powerful economies and a big country with loads of people that are potencial clients. That, and our non-Asian countries are full of Asian people too -plus a good part of them are Chinese-. However, people who think that all of this is enough as for Chinese to supplant English in our schools, universities, etc., are too naive and misinformed, in my opinion.

There are too many reasons why Chinese won't be overwhelming English as the lingua franca, not any time soon, not later either. Both me and my teacher wrote quite some lines about it, he as a native English teacher living abroad and me as both Chinese and English student (my first language is Spanish).

You can see our discussion here http://carmenmcs.blogspot.com/2011/03/will-chinese-supplant-english.html in my actual blog (I use Livejournal for other stuff xD)

Thanks for reading! Let's us hear your opinions!

Sharing Nyotalia art of mine

by ~CarmenMCS on deviantART

I don´t have any f*cking clue how to properly use Livejournal XD I guess I´ll get used with time... so I found I can share my DA pics here just by clicking a simple link, so here you go!!!

This is all I know how to do right now XD Because seriously I joined some Hetalia Communities and stuff and now I have like 2000 messages, literally, and I don´t know how to search around at all, yeah that kind of stuff I need to know to actually make a good use of LJ

ja jaja anyone willing to give some advice for beginners like me? X_D

Well anyway, I hope you like my art >w< Thanks for reading and see you!

First entry, my birthday and ble XD

Today I officially joined LJ

And my birthday was a week ago lol

That´s all for now? XD

See you ^^